PAYDAY 2 Trainer

Developer: OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Genre: Action, FPS

Options: PAYDAY 2 Trainer PC +18 (For all versions of the game).

Run the Trainer, During the Game, Press the Keys indicated on the trainer!

NUMPAD6 -super speed

NUMPAD7 -super jump

NUMPAD8 – save locations

NUMPAD9 -teleportation

NUMPAD0 -references to be teleported

END -one hit kills

F1 -health

F2 -armor

F3 -ammo

F4 -items

F5 -skill points

F6 – money

F7 -super hiding

F8 -stamina

F9 -super fast

F10 -super drill

PAGE UP -time stops

PAGE DOWN -high speed