SAP IoT Platform

SAP IoT Platform provides users with highly secure digital spaces that both offer advanced cloud technology and enable you to organize your industrial IoT and individual IoT uses very easily. The advanced features provided by the platform allow you to benefit from scalable, with low-delay period and highly advantageous technologies. So, what are these features? Let’s look briefly.


  1. SAP IoT Platform enables you to take advantage of cloud deployment. In this way, you can collect millions of data from thousands of different devices in one place and perform analysis and modeling based on the information you organize.
  2. You will be able to easily integrate the smart logic placement system, which you can adapt according to your own business model, number of devices, or the features of the system you use. This will enable you to increase your efficiency in a short time.
  3. Providing maximum privacy and security thanks to the agnostic use of communication protocols used within the framework of IoT technology, SAP IoT Platform guides you to an easier and faster information processing system.
  4. It allows you to make sure that you transfer the modeling, analysis, and computing that you will make in order to optimize your work correctly in the practical field. In addition, the system, which provides the best adaptation to practical business actions, provides business optimization.


SAP IoT Strategy: Changing Business World with Secure Data

SAP IoT Strategy is basically developed to provide the most advantageous solutions in the field of business. It is possible to integrate IoT device types into different systems, complete data ingestion processes, and perform everything you do in connection with your business as secure and scalable.


In addition, functional technologies are developed within the framework of SAP IoT strategy in order to transfer metadata events or messages between devices or between device or cloud.


  1. Let us examine with you the main benefits of IoT technologies offered by SAP. In this way, you can better understand the basic features of the system.
  2. You can evaluate different tools such as devices, sensors, and gateways that you can use to use IoT technology in a more useful way to develop and transform the business. It is possible to connect your devices with IoT technology to your operational processes and manage everything through a single point.
  3. You will have the opportunity to perform embedded operations thanks to the real-time data you will get from the sensors on your devices. Moreover, you will benefit from intelligent systems while performing these operations.


What Can SaP IoT Foundation Do?

SaP IoT Foundation has activated the best IoT solutions developed for businesses. In this context, we would like to introduce you to many functions that can work within the capacity of the SaP platform. Digital areas developed for both your devices and the platform with cloud technology will be able to optimize your work at any time.


  1. IoT device and integration services: Build bridges between legacy level and IoT technology when trading or controlling your business from your devices powered by IoT technology. You can easily reach the level you want and get more with a reliable and secure message, recording, and analysis protocols.
  2. The cloud platform of SaP offers you IoT tech the chance of using other devices you want to have while trading at your company under one roof. In this way, it is easier to manage all your business from one place, and the delay period in the transfer process is minimized while making transactions.
  3. It is very important to create the right models with data that is really useful for the future. So, while doing transactions in your company, you can do more with predictions. In this context, SaP, which offers the Future-proof technology model, can be really useful for your business.


SaP IoT Solutions: Best For Business

SaP IoT Solutions also offers excellent solutions for you to use in your workplace in the field of secure and scalable data ingestion. Data is collected through sensors and software on thousands of different devices.

It is very important in this context that both the data collection process and the data interpretation and modeling process are realized in a hundred percent safe way. To achieve this, the following technologies are used:

  1. Inclusive algorithms and software are used to provide end-to-end security in different applications used for Enterprise. Each algorithm provided data is protected, so the company’s privacy is never threatened. There is clear protection in this regard.
  2. It is possible to say that every data is processed by protecting it with a special encryption module. In this way, nobody other than those who have authority can view, model, or play data over data. This is extremely important to ensure maximum security.
  3. A policy-based access system is used so that different users can use the system at the same time. This system ensures that authorization is carried out in one place and this process is completed on a policy basis.


Sap IoT Architecture: Way Of Having More

Thanks to Sap IoT Architecture, it is possible to perform continuous, uninterrupted, and instant data transfer between devices and cloud systems. This data transfer is completed in a very short time. In this way, users can operate machines or devices or change their operating functions at any time without a high delay period. What is done for that? Let’s see.

  1. The data created by your device’s sensors reach the cloud system through special protocols. It is important to handle all the data received in this process safely. In addition, shaping the data for the best results takes place after this stage.
  2. It is important to leverage them when you receive information from a large number of sources. In this way, you can manage your analysis speed and performance over multiple systems and get better results.
  3. Thanks to the granular processing of the messages system, users can manage the tools in the easiest and scalable way. In addition, metadata events analysis is carried out quite easily.

SaP IoT Summit

After Sap IoT Summit at The Executive Briefing Center in Paris, the work of this company on the Internet of Things has become much more popular. With Summit held on October 20, 2016, competitors and IoT users in the industry had the chance to get detailed information about SAP Internet of Things, and SAP Edge Services.


One of the most important features that distinguish the SaP Cloud system from others is undoubtedly the support system. With IT experts and support services, you will be able to solve any problems you want while receiving service from this company, which is always ready to help its customers.

SaP and IoT: Future and More

Thanks to SaP and IoT technologies, you will witness excellent developments in the field of security and compliance. Studies in this area aim to compensate or eliminate the security problems that wireless cloud technology may cause in the easiest way.


Thanks to the detailed security configuration systems used for SAP Gateway and SAP Message Server, you will be able to keep all of your company’s information safe. The following tools can be used for this:

  1. EarlyWatch Alert (note 863362)
  2. The SAP Security Optimization Services Portfolio

You may want to get real-time support for the problems you have about security and solve the problem immediately. This can be very important, especially in large industrial IoT uses. In such cases, you will be able to immediately benefit from SaP and get real-time support.

The tools used for Compliance can be listed as follows:

  1. ISO / BS Certificates
  2. Service Organization Control Reports
  3. Other Certifications and Attestations (such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), Good Practice Quality Guidelines and Regulations (GXP), and Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5)
  4. My Trust Center


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