ibm iot security

How Effective IBM IoT Security?

Interested in IoT?  You can get detailed information about IBM IoT technology and IBM IoT security systems used in the Watson IoT platform by reading that article. The data storage, sharing, and transfer …

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alibaba iot architecture platform

Alibaba IoT Architecture Platform

You can get detailed information about what is Alibaba IoT platform and what does it offer. You can also get familiar with the general working principle of Alibaba IoT by reading that article. It is possible to …

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carriots iot platform

Carriots IoT Platform

Carriots IoT Platform, which serves as Platform as a Service (PaaS), allows you to collect and store data quickly and reliably from different devices you have in the field of industrial IoT, and …

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google cloud iot platform

Google Cloud IoT Platform

Google Cloud IoT is an advanced software system that you can use to save data, manage data, and make changes to the device functions of your advanced tool you want to manage. While Google …

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amazon web service iot core platform

Amazon Web Service IoT Core Platform

You can safely use the Amazon Web Service IoT Core Platform system to connect your devices with IoT technology to each other and to the control center to perform double-sided data flow. Amazon Web Service …

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sap iot platform

SAP IoT Platform

SAP IoT Platform provides users with highly secure digital spaces that both offer advanced cloud technology and enable you to organize your industrial IoT and individual IoT uses very easily. The advanced features provided …

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ayla iot platform

Ayla IoT Platform

Ayla IoT Platform has a smart system that provides the necessary resources for digital transformation in your company through IoT technology and knows how to do additional works such as development and optimization within …

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what is penetration testing

What is penetration testing?

What is penetration testing? It is one of the most critical steps in cyber security. It involves hacking the system to determine the vulnerability. Penetration testing is a cyber security test applied with …

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what is a cyber attack

What is a Cyber Attack

What is a cyber attack? Cyber attacks come in many forms, like phishing or malware. They mainly target user data, such as sensitive information. A cyber attack is an attempt to use security …

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