Carriots IoT Platform

Carriots IoT Platform, which serves as Platform as a Service (PaaS), allows you to collect and store data quickly and reliably from different devices you have in the field of industrial IoT, and then manage your IT operations with the results you get from this data. Carriots platform is a system that allows you to integrate IT and IoT.

Carriots IoT Platform uses a special technological method called Machine to Machine (M2M) when performing these operations. Generally, in the business environment, automatic development processes are carried out with the Carriots IoT Platform without the need for any manual editing.

Carriots IoT Key Features and Functions: Integrate Business with Digital

Industrial formations using the Carriots IoT system do not need an extra service for the use of hardware, equipment, and supports to be received for these uses. Almost all hardware systems can work in harmony with the Carriots IoT platform. So you can send messages, transfer data, and manage them.

Here are the key features and functions of the Carriots:

  • It will be sufficient to have an Internet network to manage the system and solve many problems simultaneously by using the REST API. Here are some of the hardware technologies that work in harmony and get maximum support from Carriots:
  1. Cubie Board
  2. Arduino
  3. Raspberry pi
  4. TST Gate
  5. TST Mote
  6. Cloudgat to
  7. nano
  8. Beagle Bone
  • The Carriot system produced with Groovy Technology is preferred by many industrial institutions because it provides IoT OS Support. So what exactly does this technology provide?

The Groovy Tech, which can work integrated with all coding languages and supports these different coding languages, is the main advantage of the Carriot Platform. Inspired by the most advantageous features of systems like Python, Ruby, or Smalltalk, Groovy technology has a language designed especially for Java Virtual Machine.

  1. The most advantageous process option is available on your system thanks to Groovy, in order for you to easily perform different operations with different tools.
  2. Thanks to the system that supports features such as Domain-Specific Languages, it is possible to ensure that the coding processes are carried out perfectly and the code pollution is minimized. Reduced code pollution enables faster and smoother transfer and operations.
  3. The use of systems such as HTTP / HTTPS RESTful API is supported by Groovy.
  • Key Sensor Support operations are supported by Carriot at the maximum rate. Sensors have a special digital technology to ensure these. It is possible to use HTTP GET to benefit from this feature. You also have the chance to get the information from the sensors with HTTP GET, but the information from these sensors can be sent back in JSON / XML format.

Extra secure protocols allow the sensors to work most effectively. Control is provided through connected machines, scripts, device management, and remote control app. All these digital tools are critical to ensure the best results and to protect information end-to-end.

  • IoT Data Considerations is a feature that makes it possible for all the data coming from your devices with different forms and protocols to log into the system and to be stored in the infrastructure.

Moreover, it is possible to combine the data collected and stored with IT projects or use the REST API to achieve the best results in different operations.

If you use different data analysis systems, if you process the digital tools within the system immediately, if you want to use export files, you can immediately perform data analysis in a way that IoT Data Considerations allows.

  • During the message and data transfers via IoT Security Considerations, HTTP or HTTPS protocols provide maximum security. In addition to that, the MQTT communication system is used to ensure the security of both your devices and the data in transfer. The biggest difference in this protocol from others can be listed as follows:
  1. This protocol minimizes the delay period of data from the cloud to the end devices and from the end devices to the cloud.
  2. This protocol offers a broader set of user-friendly functions, as it minimizes code pollution within the system.

In general, when the Carriots is examined, it turns out that the system is extremely useful for both intermediate users and advanced users.


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