Ayla IoT Platform

Ayla IoT Platform has a smart system that provides the necessary resources for digital transformation in your company through IoT technology and knows how to do additional works such as development and optimization within the company.


Ayla IoT Platform, which has been working with many different brands such as Fujitsu, Midea, BestBuy, and Hisense until now, distinguishes its own brand with 4 main advantages. Here are the main advantages of the Ayla IoT platform:


  1. Trusted Experts: It is possible to say that the Ayla IoT platform has grown with its expert and creative teams in the field since its establishment. Ayla IoT platform can be preferred to take advantage of innovation studies, additional features with no problems in firewalls, and much more.
  2. Global Presence: There are many brands that the platform serves in the global area. Especially, it is very important for the platforms serving in the industrial IoT field to create a network of Cloud technologies from the combination of numerous systems worldwide. In this way, an uninterrupted, low-delay data system emerges. Ayla IoT also aims for this.
  3. Time To Value: This feature will enable you to do business integration and business optimization, especially with modules such as data analysis, modeling, or prediction. In this way, the value of your brand can increase rapidly.
  4. Unmatched Flexibility: The type of devices you want to use in order to provide maximum efficiency in your workplace, the type of protocol supported by the devices, or the number of these devices may vary. Therefore, the ability to use IoT technology in a flexible way is of extra importance at this point.


Ayla Networks IoT: Connect Edge To The Center

Thanks to the Ayla Networks IoT system, you will be able to perform 3 basic functions easily, quickly, professionally, and safely. In this context;

  1. Edge: Protocols that maximize security are used to transfer data over Ayla Network. It is extremely important that the system supports multiple protocols to ensure that end devices can be connected to the system.

All protocols such as HTTPS, MQTT, and CoAP, which are used as a basis in the world of IoT, allow more end devices to be easily connected to the central system. Compatible systems where the system can be connected and management can be integrated.

For example, gateways, Android, Linux, BLE / phone, and cloud are some of them. Thanks to true agnostic, the transfer of each device connected to each other is secured.


  1. Device Management: Thanks to the Virtualization Engine system, it will be extremely easy to operate with your end device and twin, which is the representation of this end device in the digital world.

Ayla Network supports all systems such as the engine, firmware OTA updates, data policies for Industrial IoT usage. All products connected to the system are protected and supported to be a lifetime.

  1. Applications: Data provided with the help of sensors on various devices should be analyzed in various ways and turned into valuable information. There are many ways to do this. Undoubtedly, most of these ways can be provided with new applications and APIs. Web Framework and Mobile Platform SDK is offered for developers to create new applications and develop existing ones.

All of these will enable your customers to have the best satisfaction rates and to develop faster in the mobile area. Additional functions such as Customer Care, Field Service, and Asset Tracking that you will need specifically for your own company are provided through the applications.


Ayla IoT: What Makes It Different From Other Platforms?

Ayla IoT has distinctive features that make Ayla IoT industrially useful. These features can be listed as follows:


  1. Agility: Providing the fastest connection of different products and services with IoT technology is the main strategy of the Ayla IoT Platform. In this way, while the risk taken for both employees and managers is minimized, the right investments stand out. Moreover, problems that may develop at the last moment can be prevented.
  2. End-To-End: To ensure the security of your end devices and to guarantee 100% control of each transfer or message transaction that takes place in cloud technology requires end-to-end security. Ayla IoT platform provides a control point covering every process and every device in the system.
  3. Managed Platform: It is possible to connect different products within the system. But you may notice that usually, every platform does this. Unlike others, Ayla IoT offers the option to actively manage these connections.
  4. Configurable: Technologies and modules that can be shaped according to your corporate needs. Avoid prepackages and achieve optimal efficiency.

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