Amazon Web Service IoT Core Platform

You can safely use the Amazon Web Service IoT Core Platform system to connect your devices with IoT technology to each other and to the control center to perform double-sided data flow. Amazon Web Service IoT Core Platform provides perfect solutions for both individuals using IoT technology and industrial IoT, thanks to uninterrupted and powerful network management technology covering billions of devices.

With secure encryption systems and files protected even during data transfer, Amazon IoT Core is one of the largest cloud infrastructure options in the world.

Amazon AWS IoT: Creating New Way of Network Through The World

Amazon AWS IoT technology enables trillions of messages and data to be shared between your devices in a bidirectional way. In this way, you can control all your devices and provide data recording over a single infrastructure. In Amazon Cloud technology, the main task of AWS IoT Core is to securely transfer all of the messages to be forwarded to the very edge of the system.

The system works integrated with the infrastructure of your devices. In this way, it is possible to monitor your devices, examine their activities, and record them even when your devices are not connected to the system.

AWS IoT Core works in harmony with all digital and material technologies developed by Amazon within the framework of IoT technology. It is possible with these technologies to transfer, save, model, and create new action plans through the data transferred and saved by the IoT Core system.

In addition, many options are offered to you by Amazon so that you can control your smart device in the most comfortable way. Here are some of them:

  1. AWS Lambda
  2. Amazon Kinesis
  3. AWS CloudTrail
  4. Amazon QuickSight
  5. Alexa Voice
  6. Amazon S3
  7. Amazon SageMaker
  8. Amazon DynamoDB
  9. AWS Lambda
  10. Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon IoT Cloud: Secure Way of Protecting Data

Amazon IoT Cloud service called AWS, transfers, and stores your data safely with the most advanced technologies. In this context, both industrial users, individual users, and users looking for a commercial solution use cloud technology. General advantages offered to users by AWS technology can be listed as follows:

  1. Maximum security with advanced authentication service
  2. System integrated with Alexa Voice Service
  3. Safer transfer thanks to the message broker system
  4. Innovative technology that becomes user-friendly with the use of advanced protocols like MQTT and maximizes the working performance of your device
  5. Ease of operation integrated with all devices and software developed by Amazon for use within the framework of IoT technology. For example, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Lambda, and many more are available within the Cloud system.

The Magic of Amazon IoT Services

IoT core technology, created within the framework of Amazon IoT Services, enables your message transfers to take place with three basic language protocols. These protocols can be listed as HTTP, WebSockets, and MQTT. The use of these advanced protocols, especially the use of MQTT, ensures that the IoT Core system has the following features:

  1. Minimizing the code footprint in your smart devices is made possible by the use of MQTT. In this way, your devices receive commands and implement them much more quickly.
  2. The network bandwidth that your devices need in order to be suitable for remote control is minimized. Using less technology becomes possible with fewer conditions.
  3. Intermittent connections are checked and such conditions are tolerated.

The most important feature of Amazon IoT technology is that it can work in harmony with devices using different protocols. All devices using professional protocols can be managed via Amazon Cloud technology.

What Does IoT Core Offer To Amazon IoT Platform?

The success of the Amazon IoT Platform has increased with the advent of IoT Core technology. Here are the most useful features of IoT Core:

1.      Advanced SDK

Thanks to the advanced SDK algorithm, it will be very fast to connect your device with IoT technology to the cloud system. Thanks to advanced, secure, and successful protocols such as MQTT, HTTP or WebSockets, your device’s system and Cloud algorithm can be integrated immediately.

It is possible both to exchange messages and to guarantee the 100% safe operation by completing the device verification process beforehand. It is important to offer a wide choice of software languages for coding. Amazon IoT Core platform also offers all languages such as C, JavaScript, and Arduino to its users. This makes it possible to encode advanced trading orders with a truly advanced library.


2.      Device Gateway Feature

Another feature of the IoT core offered within the framework of the IoT kit Amazon service is the device gateway feature. A smart device that wants to connect to the AWS system must use an entry point.

Device Gateway provides just that. It is also important for the connection moment to be carried out safely and without any problems for your device to operate securely and smoothly.

The data transaction algorithm using the MQTT, WebSockets, and HTTP 1.1 protocols enables the speed connection of your devices. The most important outputs of this technology can be listed as follows:

  • Secure connection
  • Fast information and message transfer with low latency
  • Two-way connection and data flow
  • Long term and uninterrupted connection
  • Scalable connection models

3.      Message Agent

The most important step that can be taken to ensure maximum performance of the devices is to send the messages and data transfers in the fastest way and to minimize the delay period. Thanks to its messaging agent technology, IoT Core enables bidirectional information transfer. Moreover, the protocols used will ensure a minimum code footprint during this process.

This allows the devices to take action by detecting the code more actively and quickly. Another feature of this system is that it always supports different messaging models. You may need different messaging models depending on the number of devices to be used, the structure of the device, or the business model that the device will perform.

The 1-1 message structure will sometimes meet your needs. But sometimes millions of messages need to make devices to communicate quickly at the same time. Both messaging ways are available. Thanks to advanced messaging agent technology, Amazon IoT works perfectly.

Amazon Echo IoT

It may make sense to purchase Amazon Echo IoT to meet an advanced device that allows you to control your smart devices with the voice command option.

Amazon Echo, which works with different smart applications and has enough infrastructure to control many different devices in the market, can hear you even in another room and performs the analysis of your voice and transfers it to your device via IoT technology’s secure message transfer system.

The echo provided by Amazon connects to Alexa. It is possible to save, analyze, transfer, and share all data via an advanced cloud system. Many devices can be controlled simultaneously with Amazon Echo.

  • Amazon Echo works with beam-forming technology. Thanks to this technology, users will detect the sound wherever they are around the device. Thanks to its versatile detection capability, Amazon Echo provides you a comfortable service at home.
  • All of your devices working with applications such as Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue, SmartThings can be integrated seamlessly with Echo.
  • Thanks to its fast detection, analysis, and transfer features, Amazon Echo minimizes delay time. You can start using Amazon Echo immediately to operate any device in your home, stop it, change settings, perform schedule.
  • Having 360º Omni-directional audio quality, Amazon Echo uses the most advanced technologies in its field.
  • If you want to realize the best quality music listening experience in your home through applications, you will have a wide range of freedom in this regard. Because Amazon Echo Prime Music can work integrated with many different music applications such as Pandora, iHeartRadio.

Amazon IoT Button: New Way of ‘’Not Coding’’

Amazon IoT button, produced in the frame of Amazon Dash Button IoT hardware, is a system designed to start using the different IoT digital services released by Amazon immediately. You do not need to write special code for your devices to receive a specific command. Thanks to the Ready Button technology, you can automatically place this work order on the device.

You can decide what the button will do. Amazon IoT button is an excellent technology for your device, which has IoT technology, to perform operations such as opening, closing, changing mode, processing, data transfer. This multi-purpose button will allow you to use IoT technology devices in a more practical way in daily life.

The technical order you create when you use the Amazon IoT button is transferred to AWS IoT Core via Wifi. This process is completed 100% safely. After transfer using the right credentials, the information is associated with the AWS Lambda function. Then, notification is activated via Amazon SNS.


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