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You can get detailed information about what is Alibaba IoT platform and what does it offer. You can also get familiar with the general working principle of Alibaba IoT by reading that article.

It is possible to say that the digital products offered in the Alibaba IoT category have received a lot of attention in the Internet of Things world recently. Alibaba offers innovative solutions for users to manage IoT devices with its advanced cloud technology.

All of the cloud computing, storage, networking, security, big data, and artificial ıntelligence services are offered within the framework of this cloud technology. With Alibaba Cloud, it is possible to manage devices and systems with IoT technology in a stable, cost-efficient manner.

The designed IoT solutions are created to collect, gather, analyze, and take action through analysis from different devices. In this context, it is important to be able to control all devices with IoT technology from a single command center.

Technology that will enable you to control all your devices from a single point instead of Separate control tools is produced by Alibaba Cloud.

With Cloud solutions, the data of all your devices can be gathered in one place and control points can be integrated at the same time. Especially in Industrial IoT technologies, such features are extremely important for faster and data-driven actions.

What Does Alibaba IoT Platform Create For IoT World?

Alibaba IoT Platform produces technologies that will benefit different user profiles in different categories within the scope of advanced cloud service. In this context, logistics, home technologies, and hardware solutions are some of the popular areas.

It is possible to control the devices working in these categories with a minimum delay period and to manage one hundred percent secure data transfer with related product options.

1.      Automotive Logistics Solution

Individuals who want to benefit from IoT technologies in the industrial field can employ this service quickly and easily. This technology, which is specially designed for vehicle manufacturers and goods owners, enables the most accurate monitoring of a large number of vehicles from a single control point.

Moreover, these vehicles do not require manual intervention every time, thanks to automotive network solutions options. Many algorithms and management models are offered to users by the Alibaba IoT platform. Thanks to these models, the data analysis and monitoring process can be managed in a more practical way.

The solution system shaped within the framework of Automotive Logistics Solution service has 4 basic stages. Here are these stages:

  1. IoT stage: ECS hosted a private data collection system, produced by Alibaba IoT, collects data related to the current status of each vehicle, collects, and brings them to the common pool.
  2. Big data stage: Thanks to the Open Table Service / Distributed Relational Database Service system, a simultaneous working network is established that will enable real-time information flow between the owners of the goods carried in the vehicle and the owners of the vehicles and enables this data flow to be recorded actively.

This system is supported by high-level software by Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute. Analytical DB system continuously analyzes incoming data and performs multi-dimensional modeling.

  1. Service stage: This process is a process where vehicle managers can access all data and provide monitoring. The data and reports collected in the basic system go to both drivers and vehicle owners.
  2. Local backup for remote disaster recovery: The fourth stage aims to make the network service you use generally accessible and smoothly work for all your vehicles worldwide. In this context, background improvements will take place continuously.

Security: After the first four stages, it is worth mentioning how each stage is protected and how it is secured. Alibaba Cloud Service uses all of the following systems to make data inaccessible by malicious software and systems, protect messages while transferring, and more: DDoS prevention, network intrusion detection, web application protection, host intrusion protection, vulnerability detection, and Trojan detection.

2.      Real Estate Solution

Another category provided by Alibaba IoT Platform is the home technology category. IoT technologies, offered under the name Real Estate Solutions, help to collect, store, and analyze the data of different devices used in the home environment continuously and analyze this data when necessary.

All these processes can be controlled remotely. Thanks to scalable data management solutions, it is possible to manage any number of devices from a single point and use modeling systems in different data.

We have described the four-stage system provided above for logistics services. This system solution is also valid for real estate technologies. Unlike traditional solutions, the general features of the technology offered by the Alibaba IoT platform can be expressed as follows:

  1. All of the technologies offered by Alibaba Cloud under Real Estate solutions have the width to stretch according to your needs. As the device you use and the technology you need increase, the cloud space expands.
  2. Alibaba IoT technology has an advanced infrastructure that allows data from hundreds of different devices to be processed simultaneously. While conventional systems do not have an infrastructure to support this, Alibaba IoT technology supports this working principle.
  3. The ability to analyze the collected data in a multidimensional manner and data modeling that can be created with advanced software systems form the basis of IoT technology. In this context, it is possible to say that Alibaba IoT technology uses various tools such as algorithms, analytical models, and multi-type data convergence.
  4. Extra security is extremely important to control IoT devices used in residential buildings. In this context, advanced software systems that protect devices and transfer operations against DDoS attacks are used by Alibaba.

3.      Smart Hardware Solution

The technologies developed by the Alibaba IoT platform enable smart hardware devices to share safe, current, and instant data sharing with each other and with the control panel. It is extremely important to minimize the delay period in order to make insightful business decisions while this data exchange takes place. Smart Hardware Solution created by Alibaba IoT platform allows exactly that.

The four basic stages of technology created within the framework of Smart Hardware Solution can be explained as follows:

  1. Hardware equipment stage: Applications must be activated in order for the devices to transfer data continuously and quickly through the online communication modules they use. In this context, Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), sensors, and Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G sensors technologies used by Alibaba IoT provide maximum data transfer.

Sensors are extremely critical to connect with other devices via the internet, and control units are critical to store and share data.

  1. Cloud gateway stage: Information collected by the device must be sent to the cloud gateway accompanied by a secure transfer process. To achieve this, extra advanced smart hardware equipment is used. All information is transferred to the universal cloud system. During the transfer process, the data is protected by the encryption system.
  2. Mobile client: Data exchange between IoT cloud platform and the device does not happen one way. Both parties receive and send data continuously. In this context, storing data and using it for new action purchases depend on the speed and quality of this process.
  3. IoT stage: The next stages are the steps you encountered in previous technological solutions. In this process, high-quality data models enter the IoT system.
  4. Service stage: It is ensured that the orders determined by the user are transmitted to the device and the latest information about the device is transmitted to the IoT system with the data flow.
  5. Big data stage: Data processed within the Alibaba Cloud Table Store or Distributed Relational Database enables real-time results, responses, and actions. The data analyzed by the MaxCompute system can be converted into models and statistical results that can be used for new actions.

Main Structures Build Alibaba IoT Platform General Architecture

Alibaba IoT Platform uses many structures to generate the IoT architecture in general:

  1. Internet of Things SDK: Thanks to the SDK system, you can simply connect your devices to the application and create the connection between your device and cloud technology. You can also safely analyze your data later.
  2. Internet of Things Hub: After the devices are connected to each other with the data cloud service, data exchange between two different systems should be provided in two ways. It is the task of the Internet of Things Hub to accomplish this. It is important to perform encrypted transactions while this transfer is taking place. In this context, while providing real-time messages, it is also necessary to note that end-to-end encryption is used. Data migration technology, on the other hand, allows the data to be moved easily from one place to another.
  3. Device management: You can choose the Alibaba IoT platform, which has a user-friendly interface, to check and monitor the current activity of your device or to define schedule transactions related to future activities.
  4. Data forwarding: It is possible with Alibaba IoT tech to transfer your data to another place and increase the efficiency by sharing it with more than one person.

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